Who are we?

Aroma Wangi (ArW) is a newly established export and import company in Indonesia. ArW is founded in 2020 by the dedicated team with reliable experience in plantation and trading of Citronella Oil and Muntok White Pepper.
In Bangka-Belitung Island, Indonesia, we have our very own organic Citronella plantation and we develop our own distillation workshop. Supporting by in-house farmers, we aim to provide a good quality and sustainable product.
Moreover, the Muntok White Pepper has an undoubtfully reputation in the world as the best white pepper. Muntok white pepper is originally from Bangka-Belitung Island, Indonesia, with a premium quality. Our product is 100% white pepper without other additives, to provide the best taste and scent of pepper to your product.

What we do?

Export and Import.

ArW experienced staff will manage “end to end” trading activity to provide the best services. Besides that, through one point of contact that client can be confident that the information is provided accuratelly.

ArW offers a unique, bespoke service to suit your specific needs. We work closely with the customer, in order to offer the best product which enables us to mould our services to meet our client’s individual project requirement. We constantly maintain the highest natural standards for all of our product.


  • Indonesian Citronella Oil in bulk size
  • Muntok White Pepper in a bulk size and a ready-to-use packaging
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